Andee Wardog

Andee Wardog

Woofy! My name is Andee, born and raised in Pittsburgh USA. I am a bespectacled straight-haired designer & illustrator who loves hanging out with Bohemian street dogs, Hollywood dog celebrities, and canines with wealthy patrons. I have an affinity for Campbell soups and am obsessed with Marilyn Monroe! They consider me as an art icon who created pup art.

Mark Ruffko

Mutt Ruffko

Bark! I am Mutt, a hard-core bulldog.  I hail from Eastern Europe and later moved to North America. I have a strong aversion to money and material wealth. I enjoy taking risks and I rebel most of the time. For some reason I am obsessed with monochromatic art designs.

Jacky P

Jacky P.

Woof! Call me Jacky. I am a true blood American designer & dalmatian. I love to mix colors and have fun applying splashes and creating abstract designs. I am quite radical and I like to do things my own way. For example, I can do designs in any medium or format – on the wall, on the floor, or anything that I fancy! I think art has a life of its own.

Vinny van Pug

Vinny Van Pug

Yelp! My name is Vinny and I was born in The Netherlands. I love to travel, meet new people and spend my time in Arles, France. As an artist and designer, I adore using bright, impressive colors and create landscape sceneries using my unique brush strokes. I enjoy sleeping outside under the starry night.

Gustav K

Gustav K.

Woof! I am Gustav, a pug from Austria. I was born to a large family   – seven siblings. My father was an engraver and goldsmith. Ironically enough, I love cats and cats love me! I started attending art lessons at age 14. Women are my favorite subjects and I like to use leaf gold in my creations. If you love anything gold and shiny, go for Gustav!



Maybe born in the UK. Dogsy’s artworks randomly appear everywhere, sometimes with political undertones. Otherwise not much is known of him.